Classes take place between 9: 00-13: 00 hours each morning. The contents vary according to the needs and the level of the students.

For example, if the student wants to improve general and social English, we dedicate the classes to exercises based on the practice of the four skills (reading, writing, understanding and writing), with some grammar and vocabulary and emphasis on improving the ability to speak and talk fluently. We dedicate the last hour almost always to the preparation of the activities / afternoon excursion, often with specific tasks to perform and questions to answer.

On the other hand, if the student has expressed interest in improving the technical skills relevant to their work, we incorporate the corresponding material into their structure, sometimes provided by the student herself or himself.

Sometimes students ask us to help prepare the Cambridge exams (First Certificate, Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency). In these cases, we use materials and texts based on the specific exercises included in these tests.

Finally, we may also include preparing job interviews and technical skills such as presentations, meetings and negotiations in our class content.

Have fun and learn with our immersion courses in the southwest of England

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