The house and kitchen are completely self-contained with cooker, hob and microwave. We will go shopping in the local supermarket on the first day of the classes. It’s always nice if everybody cooks something for the evening meal every day. We can plan our weekly meals and shop accordingly. Of course, we will take into account special dietary needs and personal tastes. If you prefer to eat something different, simply buy it on the first day and use the kitchen facilities to prepare it yourself.

Given the shorter hours of daylight in the UK, especially in spring, autumn and winter and the earlier closing times of shops, places of interest etc., we like to get away early after the last class at one o’clock. You may either prepare your own sandwiches and picnic food to eat during the excursions or sometimes we may stop at a country pub for lunch, depending on the weather. Most pubs serve food between 12 and 14.00 midday.

As I mentioned before, evening meals are usually prepared by the students themselves. A different student usually cooks every evening. There is also the option of dinner in any of the local pubs in the area, which can be a be a nice change occasionally.

Have fun and learn with our immersion courses in the southwest of England

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